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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

12x70 mm. The casings of these shells may have seen better times and the shot inside them is home-made, but they still deliver a punch.

— In-game description

12x70 Buckshot (sometimes simply called Shotgun shells) are makeshift shotgun shells containing buckshot.


Buckshot ammo is usually found in collections of shells on the bodies of most dead Metro dwellers, especially Communists and Nazis, alongside their weapons. In the early chapters of Metro 2033, shells can also be found on dead Bandits. Buckshot can first be bought at the Riga kiosk in 2033. 1 MGR buys 2 Rounds whilst 4 Shells will buy 1 MGR. In Metro 2033, the 12x70mm Buckshot are red shells, while in Metro: Last Light and its Redux version, they are blue, suggesting possible different types of 12 Gauge shells. The ammunition is homemade as stated in the description, but is still capable of doing the job. The shells have short effective range but high stopping power, optimal for combating most types of mutants up close, but capable of killing even heavily armored enemies at close range. The extended barrel attachment for shotguns allows for buckshot to engage at medium range but are still inferior at long range. The maximum storage capacity in Metro: Last Light is 120 shells. In Metro: Last Light's Ranger Hardcore mode, a maximum of only 56 shells can be brought in reserve. Furthermore, each pickup gives the minimum number of shells.

Shotgun shells return in Metro Exodus as the only type of ammunition for the Ashot and Shambler. This time, their casings are again red, same as in Metro 2033. The player can only carry 24 shells by default and 48 shells with upgraded Carrier vest. They are especially effective against mutants, but are not against human enemies, as engagements from long-range are much more common in Metro Exodus, given the abundance of open areas. Shotgun shells can be crafted at a workbench, 6 rounds cost 16 mechanical and 6 chemical materials to produce.