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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

A Man of Principle is an achievement/trophy in Sam's Story, a DLC for Metro Exodus.


This achievement is obtained by earning the Captain's full trust. This is done by preforming several kind actions for the Captain. These include:

  • Lowering your gun when you first meet him.
  • Helping him move a girder out of the way after you help him fight off humanimals.
  • Giving him some food before fixing his knee.
  • Arming all five traps at his base. This will also unlock the "Trapper" achievement.
  • Finding the Captain's missing friends.
  • Destroying the submarine.

All of these actions must be completed to unlock this achievement.


  • It has been reported that actually destroying the submarine isn't required for some players, and the achievement will unlock once a choice is made during the finale.