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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

A Present is an achievement/trophy in Metro Last Light that can be obtained in the level Facility.


This achievement is awarded for taking a customised Lolife in the level Facility. Even if you already have this achievement/trophy, it is worth getting the Lolife, as it is a powerful stealth weapon so early in the game.


At the beginning of Facility, you will crawl out of the air duct into a room. This room contains the locker with the Lolife, but, for now, it is locked. To unlock it, you will need to wait for a Nazi to retrieve it. However, he will not move until prompted by the player. Leave the room until you can see the Nazi in their room. One will be abusing another. After the latter runs away, the other two will talk about a 'customised pistol', then one will leave. Follow this one through a door back into the first room, and wait for him to open the locker. Once he does, kill or knock him out and pick up the pistol to unlock the achievement/trophy.

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