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Air Gunner is an achievement in Metro 2033, awarded for obtaining 30 kills with pneumatic weapons, either the Tihar or Helsing.


A good place to get this achievement is in the mission Frontline. Just past the Reds' outpost at the beginning of the level will be a destroyed metro train, inside the player will find a Tihar, which is a perfect gun for this mission; effective and silent, and if players plan ahead, can be abundant in ammo after Armory. There is a hidden Helsing in Dead City 1, past the demon feeding on a corpse near the end of the mission. Using this Helsing during Dead City 2 can also help the player get the achievement. A Tihar can also be found in a garbage bin about halfway through Dead City 2 or in the secret areas in Dead City 1. If the player hasn't had the chance to find and use a pneumatic weapon in the places listed above, a good idea is to acquire/buy one before going to the library, preferably a Helsing, since they are very effective on librarians and there are quite a few librarians on this mission. As an added bonus, the player will also earn the Heavy Reader achievement by killing a single librarian. Black Station also has a Tihar hidden in a wooden box, and many Nazis to use it on.

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