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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

Air Gunner is an achievement in Metro 2033, awarded for obtaining 30 kills with pneumatic weapons, either the Tihar or Helsing.


A good place to get this achievement is in the mission Frontline. Just past the Reds' outpost at the beginning of the level will be a destroyed metro train, inside the player will find a Tihar, which is a perfect gun for this mission; effective and silent, and if players plan ahead, can be abundant in ammo after Armory. There is a hidden Helsing in Dead City 1, past the demon feeding on a corpse near the end of the mission. Using this Helsing during Dead City 2 can also help the player get the achievement. A Tihar can also be found in a garbage bin about halfway through Dead City 2 or in the secret areas in Dead City 1. If the player hasn't had the chance to find and use a pneumatic weapon in the places listed above, a good idea is to acquire/buy one before going to the library, preferably a Helsing, since they are very effective on librarians and there are quite a few librarians on this mission. As an added bonus, the player will also earn the Heavy Reader achievement by killing a single librarian. Black Station also has a Tihar hidden in a wooden box, and many Nazis to use it on.