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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel.

Alexeyevska (Russian: Алексеевская) is the station between VDNKh and Riga station. It is only featured in the books and the browser game.


By the year 2033, approximately 120 people lived in the station and their main occupation was farming - growing mushrooms and breeding pigs, two common food commodities in the Metro. When the harvest was good, inhabitants of Alexeyevska traded their products with the rest of the Metro, but the population of animals and fungi was regularly plagued with diseases, which often resulted in lowered production, only barely able to feed the people living in the station.

In November 2033, Alexeyevskaya and VDNKh signed an agreement and formed a VDNKh Commonwealth, which was later also joined by Riga station. This noticeably improved conditions for the inhabitants of Alexeyevskaya, as lighting was installed in the tunnel leading to VDNKh, allowing for a safe connection between the two stations. A law enforcement unit was also established (which is described by Artyom in the Metro 2033 novel as "militia in simple uniforms with an "A" painted on the back"). Furthermore, the station received telephone connection with other stations in the Commonwealth.

Despite all these improvements, Alexeyevskaya never started to thrive as much as its neigboring stations. In the novel, the station is described as poor and sparsely populated. Artyom passes it on his way to Rizhskaya. His commanding officer stops briefly to discuss the formation of the VDNKh Commonwealth with the station administrator.

In the game, Alexeyevskaya has to be bypassed by Artyom's caravan due to the fact that a military convoy is blocking the tunnel and thus, it is never directly seen.