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Ammunition is the term given to any item that can be used by a ranged weapon, usually a firearm. Ammunition is commonly found in clips, cylindrical casings that hold cartridges (classically 6), or magazines, cartridges stacked in a line covered by a casing. Ammunition in the Metro can vary from simple ball bearings to high caliber sniper-rifle ammo. Ammunition in Metro 2033 is used in long range combat to kill enemies.

In the Moscow Metro, pre-war military grade 5.45x39mm rounds, or MGR, ammunition is used as currency as not only have not enough bills and coins lasted since the nuclear devastation, but when metro inhabitants are in need they can use it as ammunition itself, though this does result in the person literally "shooting money". Furthermore, they are impossible to replicate to match pre-war standards, so counterfeiting is difficult. Ammunition is uncommon and is usually found on dead humans or in caches scattered through the game, but Artyom can also gain ammunition by exchanging ammo types that they have for others at exchange kiosks for a service fee.

Types of ammunition[edit | edit source]

The following are all ammunition types in the Metro games and their availability in individual titles.

Ammunition Availability + HUD icon
Metro 2033 Metro Last Light Metro Exodus
.44 Magnum Available 0.44.png Available LL Magnum Ammo Icon.png Available Exodus Magnum Ammo Icon.png
.44 Magnum AP-Incendiary Not
Available LL Magnum Incendiary Ammo Icon.png
(Faction Pack DLC only)
Dirty 5.45x39mm Available 5,45.png Available LL AR Ammo Icon.png Available Exodus AR Ammo Icon.png
Military Grade 5.45x39mm Available 2033 MGR Ammo Icon Glow.png Available LL MGR Ammo Icon.png Not
Incendiary 5.45x39mm Not
Available ME Icon Ammo AR Incendiary.png
(Sam's Story DLC only)
7.62x54mm Not
Available LL Sniper Ammo Icon.png Available Exodus Sniper Ammo Icon.png
12x70 Buckshot Available 12x70.png Available LL Shotgun Ammo Icon.png Available Exodus Shotgun Ammo Icon.png
12x70 Dragonbreath Not
Available LL Shotgun Incendiary Ammo Icon.png
(Faction Pack DLC only)
12.7x108mm Not
Available LL Preved Ammo Icon.png Not
12.7x108mm belt Not
Available LL Gatling Ammo Icon.png Not
Ball bearings Available 2033 Ball Ammo Icon.png Available LL Ball Ammo Icon.png Available Exodus Ball Ammo Icon.png
Incendiary capsules Not
Available Exodus Capsule Ammo Icon.png
Arrows (Bolts) Available Strely.png Available LL Bolt Ammo Icon.png Available Exodus Bolt Ammo Icon.png
Explosive bolts Not
Available Exodus Explosive Bolt Ammo Icon.png
Flamethrower fuel Not
Available LL Fuel Ammo Icon.png Available ME Icon Ammo Fuel.png
(The Two Colonels DLC only)

Exchange Rate Table[edit | edit source]

The following table shows the exchange rate between military grade rounds and other types of ammunition. The Buying column (in the format x : y) tells you that you will receive y shells of the desired type for paying x MGRs. The Selling column tells you that you need to sell y shells to receive one MGR round.

Exchange Rate Ratio
Military Grade Rounds : Other Round
Metro 2033 Metro Last Light
Buying Selling Buying Selling
1 : 3 1 : 6 6 : 6 1 : 6
- - 8 : 6 1 : 6
1 : 5 1 : 10 10 : 30 1 : 30
- - 7 : 5 1 : 5
1 : 2 1 : 4 5 : 6 1 : 6
- - 7 : 6 1 : 6
- - 9 : 5 1 : 1
1 : 8 1 : 16 8 : 10 1 : 10
1 : 1 1 : 2 7 : 1 1 : 1

Ammunition Crafting[edit | edit source]

In Metro Exodus, ammunition can no longer be bought, as neither MGRs, nor traders are present. It is possible, however, to find it in the game world, or craft at a workbench using any mechanical and chemical materials acquired. In the field, when using the backpack, only ball bearings and bolts can be crafted, but when using a workbench, it is possible to craft all ammunition types. Any ammunition previously collected or crafted can be scrapped for additional materials. Scrapping only yields a fraction of crafting materials back, but can still be helpful when low on resources and need to immediately craft medkits, filters or different ammunition types.

Ammunition type Crafting cost Scrapping yield
Amount Crafting Mechanical Icon White.png Crafting Chemical Icon White.png Amount Crafting Mechanical Icon White.png Crafting Chemical Icon White.png
×6 12 6 ×6 2 1
×30 30 10 ×30 5 2
×5 25 5 ×5 4 1
×6 16 6 ×6 3 1
×5 25 5 ×5 4 1
×10 10 0 ×10 2 0
×10 40 40 ×10 6 6
×1 10 0 ×1 2 0
×1 7 7 ×1 2 2
×45 0 10 ×45 0 2
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