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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in The Two Colonels DLC for Metro Exodus.

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General Anatoly Semyonovich Vinogradov (Russian: Анатолий Семенович Виноградов), referred to as Tolya (Russian: Toля) by his friends, is the main antagonist of The Two Colonels DLC in Metro Exodus. He is a general of OSKOM.


Tolya is a general, and thus, a high-ranking member of OSKOM. Although seemingly a well-intentioned man, his pragmatism pushes him to perform increasingly drastic actions. He is good friends with Colonel Khlebnikov, and has a son that also serves in OSKOM as a captain.

The Two Colonels[]

During the events of The Two Colonels, Anatoly Vinogradov is seen to conduct a collection of different management duties, including congratulating and briefing Colonel Khlebnikov on the events of an evacuation. Moments later, the general is seen delivering a New Years address to the residents of Krasniy Prospekt, but a blackout interrupts the celebration.

Within a few months, however, Tolya's implemented plan-of-action led to a wide-scale confiscation of "green stuff" throughout the entire Novosibirsk metro. After one vial too many, the poorer sections decided to take up arms in a full-blown riot against OSKOM. 

It is during one such riot that Tolya showed his true colors, first by unleashing toxic gas on both his men and the rioters, then silencing all of the "pawns", including one of his own men who made it through the airlock with Khlebnikov before the gas hit them. However, he never accounted for the fact that High Command considered him expendable as well, and abandoned him to his fate while they escaped via train.

Distraught at this finding, Tolya tries to contact his son, only to learn that he had perished in the riot. With nothing left to lose, he orders one of his men to intercept the High Command train with an RPG and blow them up for their treachery. With his revenge completed, Tolya bids farewell to Khlebnikov before shooting himself in the head.