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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

Anton is a resident and patrol commander of the metro station Kievskaya in the novel Metro 2033.


Anton has a son named Oleg who is later captured by the Savage Cannibals of The Great Worm Cult, which leads Artyom to help Anton rescue his son. When they enter the station, both are paralyzed/captured by two hunters known as Vovan and Sharap.

Upon being rescued by Melnik and his group of Stalkers, Anton becomes paralyzed after taking an excessive dose of paralyzing poison from the needles shot at him by the cannibals, and is then carried on a makeshift stretcher through the trip to D6. Anton is only awoken after the death of his son Oleg, when he steps into the biomass under the Kremlin. Anton is described as bitter and resentful towards this event, stating: "I have the time now...'" after Artyom asks for his help in launching the rockets from D6.

It is also hinted that Anton is one of the only surviving rocket men from the RVA in the Moscow Metro, with Tretyak being the other.


  • Although not depicted in the video game, Anton in the novel is in fact the reason they are able to launch the Rockets on the Dark Ones, and could be the inspiration for the character of Vladimir in the game.