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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

The Arbat Confederation is a group of stations composing of Kievskaya, its adjoining stations, and apparently at one time, Park Pobedy. The confederation is mentioned in the novel Metro 2033, but not in the video game


The Arbat Confederation is a moderate capitalist autocracy governed by Caucasians and non-Russian nationality traders. Besides a high number of Stalkers, little is known about this alliance. In the beginning, it had substantial power and population. During the Hansa-Red Line war, it was allied with Hansa. Although they gained the station of Lenin Library (later given to Polis), their forces were severely weakened and the population decreased over the years. With the unseen threat from Park Pobedy to Kievskaya that was only disposed of in recent years, people have been fleeing the station, which led the Arbat Confederation to install a soft quarantine regime on Kievskaya-radial (the blue line). Now the Arbat Confederation is nothing more than a weak Hansa satellite, dependent on their resources and protection.

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