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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

The underground depository was a frightening place, and I had no idea where or what to search. But I refused to think that all my efforts would come to nothing.

— Level description

Archives is a mission set in the depths of the library.


The level is quite linear with little in the way of gameplay, with the primary threat still consisting of librarians. Artyom exits the elevator into the dark depths of the library and is greeted by two black librarians. After defeating them, staring them down, or running away, Artyom proceeds deeper into the Archives, down a crumbling staircase. After exiting the lowest level, Artyom meets another black librarian, and a pipe network with a dead stalker. After going through the air ducts, Artyom exits to another dark area with two sleeping black librarians. After going up the staircase on the opposite side of the room, Artyom finds the military archives and offices.

At the end of the level, a cutscene will occur and Artyom will go through several different deposit boxes, at last finding the dossier with the location to D6. Artyom then cautiously exits the room, and heads toward an exit opposite the offices.


  • Artyom can breathe without a gas mask in this level, so the player should remove the gas mask to avoid it taking any damage in the event of a Librarian attack.
  • If Artyom makes it to the archives room with Librarians on his tail, they will be gone after he takes the D6 dossier.
  • Staring down the Librarians in this level is much "stricter" than in the Depository. The black Librarians are more aggressive and territorial than their regular brothers.
  • Equipping the stealth suit and a silenced weapon can help stealthy players to avoid fighting the Librarians. However, the player should watch for objects that can attract Librarians even if they have such equipment.
  • A very faint sound of what might be an air-conditioning system can be heard throughout the level, and a working light bulb can also be found in a ventilation shaft. It would be very strange that electronics still work after twenty years without maintenance.
  • A glitch in Metro 2033 Redux causes Artyom to appear as if he's wearing the Hazard Suit during gameplay. Additionally, during the scene of his searching of the archive for D6 documents, Artyom appears to wear his watch from the original Metro 2033.