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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

Arkadiy Semyonovich (Russian: Аркадий Семёнович) is a character in the Metro 2033 novel. He is the station chief of Kievskaya and an old aquaintance of Melnik. During the events of Metro 2033, he is struggling to keep control of his station as it is assailed by an unknown entity - the attackers are killing guards and stealing children. Subsequently, many families are leaving the station, and those left huddle together in the middle of the station for protection. Despite this, he appears to be a kind man and welcomes Artyom to drink with him when the latter is forced to wait for Melnik and Tretyak to return.

After Artyom leaves the station, it is unknown what happens to him, but it can be presumed he regains control of the station after the attackers are dealt with by Melnik and the Stalkers, and their subsequent occupation of D6.


  • He appears to be fond of cognac, as he has a vintage pre-war bottle that he claims is "...almost thirty years old..." and cost only 100 bullets from a friend.
    • The Stalker who retrieved it, Vasya, was killed in the Moscow Zoo, possibly by mutated creatures, and Semyonovich drank to his memory with Artyom.
  • He appears to have a mistress who works for him, cooking and cleaning. It is unknown whether she is paid, a slave or is simply his obedient partner. Artyom mistakenly thinks she was his daughter, so she must be considerably younger than him.
  • Given that many residents of the Arbat Confederation are Caucasian (from the Caucasus region of Russia), it is possible he is too, though the novel never comments otherwise.