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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Armoured Truck is the name for numerous vehicles used on the surface to cross the barren ruins of Moscow. An armored truck is used by the Rangers in Metro 2033, and the Fourth Reich in Metro: Last Light.

Metro 2033[]

The only armoured truck in 2033 is the one used by the Rangers. While on the surface, outside the Great LibraryArtyom is attacked by a librarian. However, just before he is killed, the truck, driven by Miller and Ulman, arrives to turn the librarian into road kill. Miller and Ulman then drive the truck back to the safety of Sparta. The truck is seen again on the surface, when Artyom travels to Ostankino Tower. The truck proves an excellent deterrent against a huge horde of watchers, with the Rangers managing to fend most of them off. However, the truck is no match for a demon that manages to flip it over, rendering it disabled, while scattering the Rangers. 

The Rangers' armoured truck is a refitted half ton truck, surrounded by armour plating and a roll cage. The truck has a snow plow and oversized snow tires, with a DShK 12.7mm Machine Gun mounted on the back.

Metro: Last Light[]

An armoured truck appears briefly in the main campaign at the end of "Ashes". When Artyom awakens from being knocked unconscious by the baby Dark One, he is surrounded by Reich stalkers. Behind them is a heavily armoured vehicle, very similar in appearance to the Rangers' truck. However, the glimpse is quickly taken away when a Stalker realizes Artyom is awake and stomps on his face. The truck is not seen again throughout the rest of the game.

In the Chronicles Pack DLC level "Anna", the armoured truck is seen in more detail. From Anna's point of view, Artyom is seen collapsing when the baby Dark One knocks him out. Anna quickly climbs down from her sniper's nest to the surface, but is faced with Reich stalkers. She manages to slip past them all to get to Artyom, but it's too late - both him and the baby Dark One are gone. Anna hears an engine and climbs a ridge, just in time to see the armoured truck speeding away, beyond her grasp.

The Nazi armoured truck is almost identical to the Rangers', with thick armour plating, a roll cage and a DShK 12.7mm machine gun on top, though it flies a large Reich banner behind it.


  • By the looks of the armoured truck, it's possible that prior to the war this was a Russian GAZ 3302 (better known as the "Gazelle") pickup truck, which was then heavily modified by the Rangers.
  • In the novel, the truck was actually a repaired (but not modified) firetruck (most likely a Kamaz or ZiL 131), with firepower reduced to a gunner carrying a Dragunov SVD sniper rifle.
  • Being an improvised armoured fighting vehicle, it can be classified as a technical, albeit a rather sophisticated one.
  • Although the armoured truck offers much protection against the dangers of the surface, it does not block out the radioactive air, and a gas mask must still be worn while inside its cabin.
  • Since both trucks are so similar, it's possible that the Reich found the Rangers' flipped over truck outside of Ostankino Tower and repaired it, using it for their own purpose.