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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

View from the front, with compass attachment

Artyom's Bracer is a wrist guard outfitted with various useful gadgets that Artyom wears on his left wrist in Metro Exodus.


One of the more important pieces of equipment at the Ranger's disposal, the bracer is part of the standard Spartan uniform and is worn on the left wrist. In its standard format, the bracer is equipped with following devices:

  • Detection sensor - a blue LED diode which turns on if Artyom is visible (standing near a light source or in a brightly lit area) and thus, easily visible. When it turns off, he is hidden and the enemies will have a harder time spotting him.
  • Geiger Counter - a sensor which displays current level of radioactivity. If the amount of radioactivity is in the yellow or red area, Artyom might need to equip a gas mask and he will have to leave the irradiated area as soon as possible, as radioactivity will slowly kill him over time if ignored.
  • Metro-Made Watch - with gas mask equipped, this device displays the remaining durability of its filter and alerts Artyom when it's time to change it. Otherwise, it shows the current in-game time. It also includes an alarm clock, which Artyom uses to wake himself up at the desired time when sleeping in one of the safehouses.


As well as the standard equipment listed above, the bracer can feature one more device, applied at workbenches. These upgrades vary in usefulness and are listed below.

List of upgrades
Icon Name Function Description
Bracer Stock Icon.png Bracer None (default) A sturdy wrist guard provides protection against animal attacks and serves as a convenient mount for additional survival-facilitating devices.
Bracer Compass Icon.png Compass Points towards current main objective. The compass attached to your bracer will always point in the direction you should be heading.
Bracer Metal Detector Icon.png Metal detector Alerts the player if there are crafting resources nearby. Its gauge shows the distance to the resource deposit. Previously used in mining for locating mineral deposits via directional scanning, the device was reconfigured to small quantities of metal, ignoring the large metal objects scattered everywhere after the War. Helps to find resources used in crafting.
Bracer Motion Scanner Icon.png Motion scanner Alerts the player when there are enemies nearby. Displays enemies within player's vicinity as green dots. This sophisticated device uses a variety of detectors and advanced computer algorithms to identify moving enemy units. However, it requires some practice to use effectively.

Location of upgrades[]

  • Compass: - Likely the first upgrade for the bracer found. Located in the cockpit of the crashed plane in the Volga level, near the Aurora's location.
  • Metal Detector: - Also located in the Volga level. Found in a shack west of the Demon lair.
  • Motion Sensor: - Found in the Caspian near Giul's lighthouse.


  • By default, when holding a rifle or pistol weapon equipped with a stock, the bracer is oriented so it can be seen without using the check watch function. However, it can't be seen with certain stocks and the default pistol grip equipped.