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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

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The contents of this section are non-canonical.
Due to either narrative retcon or other continuity changes, the contents of this section are no longer considered part of the main Metro 2033 canon.

Artyom's Son is a character in Metro: Last Light, seen only in the C'est la Vie ending. Artyom conceived him with Anna in 2034 during quarantine in Oktyabrskaya - thinking they were going to die from a virus, the two grew intimate before Artyom left to find the Baby Dark One. Artyom last sees Anna on the automatic train to D6, but the two do not speak, only watching each other leave silently.

In the C'est la Vie ending, long after Artyom sacrificed himself during the Battle of D6, Anna sits with Artyom's son in a room resembling Artyom's in D6 (though it cannot be, as D6 was destroyed), telling the former of Artyom's adventures, and how "...he was the bravest of us all, always prepared to embrace the things he didn't understand." Her son asks Anna where the Dark Ones went, but she admits she does not know. However, she says they went away, but promised to return one day to rebuild humanity.

With the release of Metro Redux it seems as though the Redemption ending is canon, as the main menu of Metro 2033 Redux appears to show an older Artyom at his desk with Anna pacing around the room and their son running around in circles.

In Metro 2035, Artyom and Anna are a married couple, but they do not have a son. However, one of Anna's greatest dreams is for them to become a "normal" family and for her to one day give birth to a healthy child that is not suffering from any radiation-conceived disabilities. In Metro Exodus Anna keeps this desire which is later also shown by Miller.


  • Artyom (Father)
  • Anna (Mother)
  • Artyom's Mother (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Melnik (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Alex (Paternal Stepgrandfather)