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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Astrakhan (Russian: Астрахань) is a location mentioned in Metro Exodus. It's a city located in southern Russia on the Volga river and near the Caspian Sea, close to the border with Kazakhstan.


In the year 2035, the city is a trading hub where one can buy and sell all manners of goods, up to and including slaves. It has a dubious reputation and is presumably run by gangs, similarly to Venice.

Conversations between merchants on the Volga level clearly say that the city centre has been destroyed, but it's unknown what kind of weaponry was used against it.

Krest has visited Astrakhan before. He confirms that an organization that captures people fleeing south, and then sells them off as slaves, operates in the city. He himself has had a run in with the gang, but managed to escape.

Given the city's proximity to the Caspian, it's quite possible that the criminals there sell the captured slaves to the Munai-bailer.


  • Long before the premiere of Metro Exodus, Astrakhan was set to appear in a joint Universe of Metro 2033 story by Kira Ilaryonova and Nikita Karaulov - however, this book was put on hold. Judging by fragments published from it, the novel's description of the city matches those heard in the game.