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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

The Automatic Train is a functioning military vehicle used to travel to D6. The vehicle gets its pseudo-name from its first encounter in which it arrives to the Rangers, apparently after they triggered a boarding sensor.


Easily fitting into the category of "fast silver trains", the automatic train is an unmodified passenger train that is still in fine condition, despite having had 20+ years of no maintenance. It is unknown how many of them there are as there are several of these trains located in D6's main hub, and presumably several more in the surrounding tunnels.

In Metro: Last Light, the Rangers use these trains for quick transport across the metro using the secret Metro-2 lines the trains operate on (a service station on that line leads to the Botanical Garden).


The automatic train is featured in Caves, D6, and Separation in Metro 2033, and Sparta, Ashes, Polis and D6 in Metro: Last Light.


  • The automatic train doesn't run on conventional tracks, but is instead a monorail. This design could actually have several advantages when used for a secret military Metro line:
    • Firstly, monorail trains are harder to derail than conventional trains, because their lower part "hugs" the rail from multiple sides instead of just resting on top of the rails.
    • Secondly, a monorail track itself is often much sturdier than standard railway tracks, consisting of thick blocks of steel-concrete. Both of these factors would make monorail Metro line less likely to be damaged by seismic vawes produced by the detonation of nukes on the surface.
    • Monorail trains also appear to be more easily automated, given the "enclosed" nature of the track (many real-life monorails are actually driverless, including the light monorail that runs in Moscow).