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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel.

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Balashikha (Russian: Балашиха) is a city which Artyom visits in Metro 2035. It's roughly 1 kilometer outside of Moscow.

Metro 2035[]

Artyom is told by a dying Lubyanka prisoner that Balashikha has an operational radio station, which was constructed by the Red Line. However, the prisoner is not aware of what the Reds are using it for.

The Radio station has a concrete wall surrounding it with a metal gate in the front. The station also has multiple rows of windmills producing electricity for the station. There is a large pit filled with bodies of those who were forced to build the Radio Centre's defences.

The station was actually built by Hanza and is used as a jamming station. They have been blocking all radio transmissions coming in and out of Moscow. They are doing this because they believe that those who bombed Russia are still out there hunting survivors.


  • It's possible that the Radio Station fortress that Artyom finds here is the real life Moscow Radio Centre 13.
  • Balashikha is the site of a large Russian Army base and was closed to foreigners during the Cold War era - a ban which, in theory, remains to the present day.
  • It was the headquarters of the 1st Corps of the Soviet Air Defense Forces and is now the headquarters of the Operational-Strategic Command for Missile-Space Defense.