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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Pavel's group is advancing towards Tretyakovskaya, also known as Venice. they have a few hours' lead on me, and are moving via frequently used tunnels...But I will catch up. I can't afford not to.

— Level description

Bandits is the fourteenth level in Metro: Last Light.


While travelling the tunnels using Regina, Artyom stumbles upon a group of Red Line refugees, and subsequently agrees to help them with their problem, bandits.

Diary Entries[]

19. After saving the tied up man, pass through an irradiated stretch of tunnel and there will be a bathroom on your right, the note is on the floor in the stall.

20. You will come to a split, where the right path is lit with torches and there is a skull above, go through the door down there and follow the path around until you come to a guy tied up, the note is on the table behind him.

Moral Points[]


  • When Artyom first awakes, turn around and enter where Regina crashed. A point is earned after discovering the skeleton and a Shambler with an extended barrel there.
  • After meeting the refugee caravan, wait and listen to all their conversations. A point is earned after a woman says her husband was drafted and then captured by Nazis.
  • Continuing down the tunnel after the refugee caravan, the first tunnel on the right will lead to a series of abandoned metro cars. A woman is crying for help and about to be raped by two bandits. Kill/knock them out before the woman is killed to earn a point.
  • Just before arriving at the main bandit camp where they are holding the woman and children, continue down the left-hand tunnel to a carriage with several corpses. Doing so earns a point.
  • Rescue the women and children being held in the bandit camp. The point is earned when the bandit in the final room threatening them is killed.


  • After saving the woman and children who are being held by the bandits, they will run away to the red door behind Artyom.
  • In the main bandit camp, there is a large room with 3 bandits where you can find a bottle of vodka, and drink it. That will make the screen "drunk", and will slow time a bit.
  • In the area with railcars, only one refugee can be saved, no matter how fast you put down all the bandits. The other will run off into the radioactive water and kill himself if he isn't executed.
  • In this level, a lot of MGR can be earned by picking up enemy weapons and selling them at the store.
  • The two bandits preparing to rape the woman will accidentally kill her if you wait too long.
  • On the right side after discovering the abandoned caravan, in the left hand tunnel, there is a passage leading to a room that is boarded up and blocked by a train carriage. A corpse that carries some MGRs can be found. Be careful when taking them however, as a nosalis will ambush you when you search the body.


  • At the first part of the bandit camp, in the passenger cars on the left, a safe key can be found on a seat toward the back of the first car. The matching safe is on the opposite side at the end of the passage.
  • At the end of the level, when you have to hold out during a nosalis attack, it is far more effective to just run laps and save your bullets as the ferry arrives after a certain time has passed, as this is not based on the number of nosalis killed.


  • There is a game breaking bug when you ring the bell to summon the ferryboat, Artyom can become stuck and cannot move or shoot.
  • During the point Regina normally crashes, it may destroy the barricade and drive further.
  • When driving the Regina, it will stop moving and you cannot do anything.
  • If you kill the girl screaming for help with a knife throw, the surrounding two bandits will be alerted, but the dialogues between bandits and the girl will still run like nothing happened. If you kill or knock the two bandits before reaching the dialogue part where the girl is accidentally killed, you will still get the moral point.
  • If you save the girl screaming for help in the beginning of the level, you may become unable to use takedowns on enemies during this level and all afterward.
  • After killing the bandit that guards the male hostage or if you had killed all bandits in that area, he will constantly say to quiet down or ask to untie him, and you can hear his voice even when you are far away from him.
  • If you knock down the sleeping bandits, their snoring sound will still play. Killing them will not produce this bug.
  • When entering the main bandit camp, there is a locked door to your left. In a certain place, you can open the door and glitch through the wall. Inside are the women and children, as well as a bandit who cannot be killed in any fashion or knocked out. If you approach him, the intended cutscene will not load properly and you will lose your ability to use any weapons unless you reload.


MLL Commando Ach.jpg Commando Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points.png
Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm