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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

The Belorusskaya Trade Outpost is a minor location in Metro 2033.


The Belorusskaya Trade Outpost is located between the Hanza-controlled Ring Line and Farms and Factories - a collection of stations (consisting of Sokol, Aeroport, and Dinamo) that is largely responsible for livestock production, containing many pig pens and chicken farms. Neutrality and self-reliance is the result of strategic location between Hansa and plantations. Having support of the latter, it could not be fully integrated into Hansa. It would seem that it is under Hansa's protection, but not under its jurisdiction. The traders from Belorusskaya (Zamoskvoretskaya Line) call themselves "Managers". The station sees itself as a wealthy neutral spot, good enough for all major powers, akin to Switzerland. In the novel, it is also mentioned that drunk people in the station often disappear due to Satanists. Belorusskaya Trade Outpost also deals with the Fourth Reich, possibly buying slaves for the plantations.