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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.


The binoculars are a new tool in Metro Exodus.


Appearing for the first time in the third game, the binoculars are a useful tool for scouting the environment, searching for paths and scanning for enemies. They are one of the numerous items at Artyom's disposal during his journey from Moscow - across what is left of the Russian Federation - in pursuit of a new place to call home in the East. Players can use the binoculars to mark points of interest in the various regions. After holding your gaze on a location, a question mark appears on your physical map pinpointing that place.


  • The binoculars appearing in Metro Exodus are based on the WWII period KOMZ (Kazan Optical-Mechanical Factory) 6x30 model, used by the USSR since the 1940s.