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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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It was clear that Black Station was occupied by fascists, but Ulman had said he'd wait for me there. I had to risk it.

— Level description

Black Station is a medium length stealth or combat level where Artyom has to make his way through the Nazi controlled Black Station to rendezvous with Ulman, with whom Artyom rides to Polis. Black Station is one of the more difficult human-enemy based levels as there are many Nazis, and the smallest bit of noise can reveal Artyom's position. There are two possible ways through the station, around through the generator room or through the main platform. The latter is not advised as there are many Nazis there.


As Artyom reaches the Black Station, a Nazi aims his weapon at him. Luckily, Ulman takes out the Nazi with a well-aimed throwing knife. Separated by a metal fence, Ulman leaves Artyom a VSV and urges him to move on so they can meet later. Just like in the mission Frontline, there are at least two ways to complete this mission: sneaking or gunning, both moderately taxing by their own rights. Regardless of however it's achieved Artyom is able to move past the trapped front corridors, evade or eliminate conversing and patrolling Nazis, and navigate through abandoned tunnels. After eventually finding the way to the other side of the fence, and moving past the last patrolling Nazis, Artyom is able to locate Ulman and his railbike. Upon climbing on the bike, Artyom's dangerous journey nears a close. As Artyom slips into sleep, however, he has another disturbing vision of the dark ones. The choice involved: flee from the approaching dark one, or stand and wait or walk into it as it approaches. Regardless of the choice, the level will conclude at the end of it.


  • In Redux, Ulman takes out the Nazi by strangling him through the fence instead of using a throwing knife.
  • The Black Station doesn't refer to any station on the Moscow metro map. This location is probably a Nazi outpost on the Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya Line, somewhere between Serpukhovskaya and Polyanka stations.
  • It's the last level with human enemies.
  • This is the only level where an enemy uses the VSV.
  • This level gives some good insight on the views of the Nazi soldiers, while also offering many moral points. You can listen to two soldiers talk about deserting their order and fleeing to Hanza. Another soldier questions the Nazis techniques and atrocities. Eventually, a more cynical soldier tells him that "it's too late for pity". You can listen in on a group of soldiers talking about Metro-2 and the Invisible Watchers. Also, you can hear a general telling two soldiers to defend the generator, and if he sees them playing cards, they will both be punished.
  • If you alert the guards before Ulman can finish talking to you, he won't place the VSV for you to pick up. Instead, he will leave the area in a hurry.
  • There are at least 2 Red Army bodies lying in the area at the foot of the escalator, possibly a Red recon team also hoping to take out the station.
  • Similar to "Frontline", this level may be completely deserted if Artyom kills all inhabitants.

Related Achievements[]

Ach-Merciful.jpg Merciful 30 Game points.png
Complete the level 'Black Station' without killing any Fascist Soldiers