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The Blind Ones (Russian: Слепыши) are a species of large, simian mutants who occupy the research Institute in Novosibirsk.


The blind ones closely resemble pre-war gorillas, save for a few details - their complete lack of eyes and their almost completely deteriorated fur. They primarily rely on sound and smell to locate their prey. They are extremely strong and durable, and are able to kill any human; or any similar sized creature; in seconds. They are the only surface mutants found in Novosibirsk, presumably because they are the only ones able to withstand the radiation levels. The blind ones have also developed an ability to telepathically communicate with each other. They are also able to do so with humans, since Artyom is able to understand them. This suggests a very high level of intelligence, comparable to the librarians or even the Dark Ones. Though it is assumed that Artyom's hallucinations in the Institute are caused by extreme radiation exposure, it is possible that he is being psychically attacked by the Blind Ones. Maybe it is both, actually, since - if Artyom stays for too long in a room with the blind ones, some sort of radiation "blowout" will occur. This "blowout" will disorient both the Artyom and blind ones - they will grab their heads and scream in confusion. While they are extremely territorial in the institute, they appear to be less hostile while outside, as one can be seen walking away from Artyom when he is traveling to the Institute.


When faced with a blind one, running is the last thing Artyom should do, since they will immediately know his location and give chase. Likewise, engaging one in combat is ill-advised, since it will take excessive gunfire to bring one down. The best option is to sneak around it. Keep in mind that a blind one will be able to sense Artyom if he is nearby, even if he is crouching, and will start following him, though it will not attack until he is close. At walking speed, it moves slightly faster than when Artyom is crouched, so it is best to hide behind walls and other objects if one wishes to escape unscathed. As they hunt by smell as well as sound, it is best to not loiter for long, and keep moving around them. Throwing decoys is an effective method for evading blind ones as they are easily distracted and/or tricked by them. If engaging in combat is necessary, some very effective weapons against The blind ones are the Helsing with explosive-tip arrows/bolts and molotov.


"What is this?"- A Blind One questions Artyom during his first encounter with its kind.

"Come here, enough hiding!"- A Blind One tries to lure Artyom out of hiding.

"I know you're there!"

"Where are you?"- A Blind One searching for Artyom.

"Yes, food, yes..."

"I'll find you...soon."

"What noise? What thing?"



Gorilla Origins, and Lore

Gorilla Origins, and Lore

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