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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The Blood-stained Diary is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Volga: South of the southern island there is a small archipelago with three large silos (where you can retrieve Nastya's teddy bear). On it, you will find a small shack. After you break the lock, you will find the diary sitting on the shelf right in front of you.


July the 5th

It seems that Roman, even though he spoke ill of our Holy Father Silantius (and was punished for that by God), was right about one thing: we have to not simply fight the demons of electricity, but get rid of all the remains of god-awful technology that attracts them... How do we go about finding them? A metal detector seems like the only way... I'll have to go back to using technology, the worship of which I cast away so long ago. Lord, forgive me this sin...

August the 25th

This place will do. Even if I am punished for the sin of technology worship, at least the innocents will be spared from divine retribution. I have all the materials and knowledge I need, so I am starting my work with a prayer...

August the 28th

The detector is running... With God's help and while reciting a prayer constantly I was able to clear a large patch of our Cloister's holy ground from all the vestiges of technological heresy. It ended up being a substantial haul of scrap metal... Our blacksmith would be overjoyed to get it, but you just can't use things obtained through heretical means, so I had to throw it all into the river...

September the 2nd

So speaketh the Lord through the mouth of Silantius, the Holy Sage: there is no forgiveness for those who would seek to use accursed technology no matter what their purpose would be! I didn't heed those words, and thus was punished for this folly of conceit... The accursed mutants got a jump on me! I can't stop the bleeding, feeling colder by the minute... You, who would read these scribbles! Do no repeat my mistakes, do not try to fight evil with evil! Take the satanic garbage I have collected here and the fruit of my ill-advised labor to the House of the Fish! The Fish will protect our Sanctuary from this taint of technology and electricity... Amen!