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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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So, are you ready to finally be somewhere else?

— Boris

Boris (Russian: Борис) is a seasoned caravaneer from Exhibition.


Boris makes a short appearance in the game as one of the drivers of the railcar that goes from Exhibition to Riga. He is accompanied by Artyom, Eugine, and an unnamed Riga Merchant hitching a ride back to Riga.

During the level "Chase", the group is knocked unconscious after coming into contact with a dark one's ghost. Shortly after this, the group is attacked by a horde of nosalises. Artyom defends the group, while the others pump the rail car and attempt to get to safety. The unnamed citizen is pulled off the railcar and killed by a nosalis, but the remainder of the group survive and make it to Riga. Boris returns the favor by saving Artyom after he falls from the cart, insisting that the flame-thrower operator give Artyom a chance to make it back before torching the nosalises and pulling him to safety.

The group parts ways after a few celebratory drinks in Artyom's honor for saving their lives in the Riga bar.


  • Boris can be seen using his Kalash when he wakes up after being knocked out by the ghost.
  • Boris will give Artyom 15 Military Grade Ammo after they reach Riga (30 in lower difficulties).
  • In Metro 2033 Redux his outfit has been redesigned and now wears the clothes worn by Bourbon in the original game.