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Botanicheskiy Sad
MLL Botanical Guardens
Geographical Information

Moscow Half:



Several square kilometres.

Political information

Owning Party:

Dark Ones

Lore information

Real-World Counterpart:

Moscow Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences


Botanicheskiy Sad, the Botanical Garden is the home of the Dark Ones.


The Botanical Garden is where the Dark Ones live and breed. Not much is known of the garden, as its only intact appearance is near the end of 2033, and it is canonically wiped out by the missiles along with the Dark Ones, regardless of the player's choice in the Metro 2033.

Looking from the tower, it appears the garden had mutated hugely, either from the Dark Ones or naturally. The landscape appears to be scorched black, with some orange glowing growths on huge, black vine like plants growing across the area of the Botanical Garden, and the surrounding city blocks. From observation with a scoped weapon on top of the tower, it can be seen that there are two notable areas seen in the Botanical Garden, one being a spire-like structure, and a cluster of vines to its right.

Little remains of Botanichesksi Sad in Metro: Last Light besides the hollowed roots of Dark One towers, and a massive impact crater, made by BM-30 Smerch launcher fired from D6. Grown grassy and lush with sickly plants, the area is slowly being overrun with tertiary regeneration. Sometime between the event of 2033 and Last Light, despite the devastation, one little Dark One survived and still live in the Botanichesksi Sad until the event of the Last Light plays out.

Artyom's InteractionEdit

When Artyom was a boy, he was challenged by two of his friends, Vitali and Eugine, to go with them to the neighboring Botanical Garden station which was already abandoned. When they arrived to the abandoned station, equipped with a just a flashlight and an old double barrel shotgun one boy stole from his father, they found a rusted escallator leading up and climbed it. There Artyom and his friends dicovered the sealed hermetic door, which Artyom managed to locate the controls for. They opened the door and saw something amazing -- the sky. Luckily for them it was dark so their eyes weren't blinded. They stared at the sky for some minutes and then heard a horrible scream coming from nearby ruins, Artyom and his friends panicked and rushed back through the Botanical Garden to VDNKh, leaving the door open, allowing the Dark Ones to enter the Metro years later.