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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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Our bloody skirmish with bandits was over. I had expected mutants and monsters...but how many more of my "fellow humans" would try to kill me before I reached the Polis?

— Level description

Bridge is a short level in which Bourbon guides Artyom across a decaying rail bridge.


As Bourbon explains: "The bridge is a nasty place". After a brief introduction, Bourbon leads Artyom to the lower parts of the bridge. This is not the safest of locations of course, as it requires both a gas mask and a decent weapon. As the duo progresses, nosalises will attack. Taking a staircase upstairs to the top floor of the bridge doesn't offer safety either as Hansa sentries on a railcar will fire at Artyom and Bourbon if they are seen. As they progress, Artyom and Bourbon encounter more nosalises along with another cave in. Fearing that the rest of the pack may be closing in, Bourbon directs Artyom down a precarious side-tunnel.


  • The level is part of the level "Dead Tunnels" in Metro 2033 Redux.
  • If you try to shoot the Hansa armoured railcar, it's possible to kill the turret operator. After that, the railcar stays at the platform without firing even when you come out from hiding. You can also shoot and break the railcar's searchlight, which will make it more difficult to aim at Artyom or Bourbon.
  • Get down near Bourbon when the Hansa railcar appears. If you don't move or make noise, the railcar will pass and you obtain a positive moral point. Make noise or make yourself visible to the railcar, and they'll shoot you or Bourbon on sight, which will cause the loss of a moral point.


  • When the Hansa trolley stops to search for bandits, and if you execute a melee attack, you will be discovered.
  • If you load the checkpoint immediately before encountering the Hansa railcar, sometimes the checkpoint glitches and upon loading, the railcar has already spotted you and is firing in your direction, even if it did not spot you the first time.
  • When in the falling railcar, if you get ahead of Bourbon you may become stuck and unable to move. This will result in you being ditched into the bottom of the tunnel with the railcar, resulting in instant death.
  • Before taking your first step on the bridge, if you leave too early without Bourbon, he will not follow you. This results in you completing the journey alone and you will not be able to finish.