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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The pinnacle of the Kalash family, this assault rifle boasts massive improvements compared to its prececessors in terms of firepower, accuracy, ergonomics and weight. It also has a lower rate of fire, making it easier to control in burst mode. The weapon's advanced design makes it hard to maintain in the postnuclear world, degrading its reliability.

— In-game description

The Bulldog (Russian: Бульдог) is an assault rifle first introduced in Metro Exodus and essentially a bullpup configuration of the Kalash. The origins of the Bulldog likely predate the Great War, but the look of the weapon suggests it was modified or extensively repaired with whatever spare parts were available after the war. Nevertheless, it is an advanced weapon design, similar in some ways to Kalash 2012.


Although at first glance its design might seem to be based on that of the Kalash, the Bulldog is significantly better than its elder brother in the amount of damage it deals, how easily it handles, how much lighter it is, and how accurate its shots are - all in part due to its bullpup configuration. Furthermore, with a lower rate of fire, each burst from the rifle is more controllable than shooting from a Kalash.

The Bulldog's downside is that it is much rarer than its more traditional brethren from the Kalashnikov family, making it more difficult to find spare parts (not to mention the complex mechanics that require skillful maintenance to keep running). This usually makes the older Kalash more popular among survivors of World War III.

Variants and Customization[]

The Bulldog shares most attachments in the Stock slot with the Kalash and the Shambler. It also shares all Barrels, the 30-round mag and the 45-round mag with the Kalash. Instead of the 75-round cylindrical mag available for the Kalash, it comes with a unique long 60-round curved magazine, which can be found in the Caspian level. It also shares the reflex sight and the NV scope with most rifles, and the x6 scope with the Valve. Same as most weapons, it can equip both red and green laser.

List of upgrades
Slot Icon Name Effect Description
Upgrade Stock Icon.png
AR Light Stock.png Light grip None (default) Made from a steel band with fitted plywood lining, this grip is the most practical choice for short range combat.
AR Standard Stock.png Standard stock and grip Stability +2 Wooden stock and grip. Traditional for Kalash.
AR Semi Stock.png Semi-grip stock Stability +3 Wooden stock with a steep-angle cutout provides a more comfortable hand position.
AR Heavy Stock.png Heavy stock and grip Stability +7 Heavy shoulder stock with a metal grip. Army type attachment designed to significantly decrease recoil.
Upgrade Barrel Icon.png
AR Short Barrel.png Short barrel and flash suppressor None (default) Lightest barrel and muzzle attachment combo readily available for assault rifles.
AR Short Barrel Suppressor.png Short barrel and suppressor Damage -1
Stability +1
Tries to suppress sound with mixed results, while staying a bit more compact than a full-scale barrel.
AR Standard Barrel.png Standard barrel and compensator Damage +1
Accuracy +2
Stability -1
Provides decent accuracy while not being too cumbersome.
AR Long Barrel.png Long barrel and compensator Damage +2
Accuracy +3
Stability -2
Designed to increase accuracy and damage, this barrel and muzzle attachment combo is not the best choice for the more dynamic firefights.
Upgrade Sight Icon.png
Bulldog Iron Sights.png Iron sights Aim with iron sights Standard sight used to assist in aiming.
Reflex Sight.png Reflex sight Iron sight replaced with reflex sight This pre-war sight makes aiming the gun at close and medium range easier, without sacrificing much of the field of view.
NV Sight.png NV scope Iron sight replaced with night vision scope This night-vision scope allows for accurate placement of shots even in complete darkness.
X6 sight.png Scope x6 Iron sight replaced with x6 scope This sniper sight allows easy aiming at extremely long distances, but significantly limits the field of view.
Upgrade Mag Icon.png
AR Short Magazine.png Small magazine 20-round magazine Small magazine holding 20 rounds of ammunition, light and compact.
AR Magazine.png Magazine 30-round magazine Standard magazine holding 30 rounds of ammunition.
AR Extended Magazine.png Extended magazine 45-round magazine
Stability -2
Large magazine holding up to 45 rounds of ammunition. Quite heavy.
Bulldog High Capacity Mag.png High capacity magazine 60-round magazine
Stability -4
Huge magazine with 60 rounds of ammunition.
Upgrade Gadget Icon.png
Other slot empty.png No gadget None (default) Less gadgets, less problems.
Red Laser.png Red laser Crosshair replaced with red laser dot Made from a cheap laser pointer that was heavily modified to increase power output at the cost of reliability.
Green Laser.png Green laser Crosshair replaced with green laser dot High visibility laser sight reassembled in a custom-made body along with a bunch of modifications.
Extra IR Laser.png Infrared laser Crosshair replaced with IR laser dot with NV active The IR laser sight's invisible beam produces a very small dot on the target, which is only detectable with a night vision device.


  • The Bulldog can be obtained in the Caspian level. Although much less common than the Kalash, it is wielded by many Munai-Bailer gangsters. One hard-to-miss location where the Bulldog can be found is at the Lighthouse where the player first meets Giul, as some of the gangsters attacking the lighthouse are equipped with this weapon. It doesn't appear in any other level, but once found, it can be equipped at Aurora's workbench.
  • The 60 round magazine is located in the Caspian level. Following the coastal road westward from the large shipwreck that serves as a prison for the slaves, close to the centre of the map, there is another shipwreck next to the road that is marked as a mutant lair on the map (red mutant skull in a triangle). The ship is split in two and the magazine is located in the bridge of the ship. You'll need to climb up some nearby rocks and then run and jump onto the side of the bridge to get inside. Quicksave beforehand, as some players have reported that if you fall into the hole in the floor of the bridge, there's no way back out.

Related Achievements/Trophies[]

ME Achievement Professional Icon.png Professional Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 15 Game points.png
Make at least one kill with every ranged weapon.


  • Some similarities between the Kalash 2012 from Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light with the Bulldog can be seen, such as the fact that both firearms are bullpup assault rifles which build on top of the previous Kalashnikov designs. Additionally, one of the possible configurations for the Bulldog is called the "2012", in a fairly obvious reference.
  • The Bulldog seem to have been a pre-war prototype that was fully assembled following the war, as evident by its jury-rigged appearance and lack of fine machining on its parts, its frame having been apparently crudely braised together. Similarly, Tokarev concludes after examining the weapon that it must be custom-made, while Artyom's journal calls it a prototype weapon that only saw use after the end of the war. However, considering that the gas block and barrel appears to be taken directly from the AK-series of assault rifles, or the gas block appears to be too tall (and due to this needs a bent or curved gas tube), it also might have been assembled from spare or scavenged parts from two or more different rifles.
  • Oddly, despite being described as the pinnacle of the Kalash family, the Bulldog doesn't actually appear to be based on the traditional Kalash/AK design.
    • Most of its design features seem to have come from the Vepr, a Ukrainian bullpup rifle that is based on the Kalashnikov action, but deviates heavily from it design-wise.
    • The receiver of the weapon also appears to be that of an SVU, which is a bullpup SVD. This can be seen by the side scope mount on the left side of the weapon above the pistol grip along side the lack of a scope mount further back on the receiver like on a traditional SVD. In that case, the rifle would be rechambered from it's original 7,62x54mmR cartridge to use 5,45x39mm rounds from AK-74 pattern of magazines instead.
    • The Weapons Trailer calls the long-range configuration of the weapon the Vychlop, and refers to the Bulldog designation as a nickname.
  • The Bulldog's mismatched gas block and bent tube from the block to the receiver hints at the weapon being converted either to use a direct impingement gas system, or at a radical modification of its short stroke gas piston.