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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel.

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Bunker 42 is a former Cold War bunker complex turned museum. In the year 2035, the Invisible Watchers, led by Bessolov, reside in the secret complex. 


The Bunker is a former Soviet military complex and long range aviation command post. It is situated near Taganskaya station on the Moscow garden ring. It has an area of 7000 square metres, a depth of 65 meters below ground, could hold 3000 personnel and could run for 90 days unassisted.

The complex had many different designations over the years but was officially known as the Tagansky Protected Command Point up until 2006, when private owners bought the bunker system and converted it into a museum. The complex can be accessed by street level or via the Taganskaya station.

It is assumed the complex has links to Metro 2, as well as D6 and other secret military installations under Moscow. 

Metro 2035[]

In the year 2035 the bunker complex is kept a secret from the rest of the survivors in the metro. Aleksei Feliksovich, also known as Bessolov, resides in the old museum. Along with the rest of the complex they make up the Invisible Watchers (or Unseen Observers) and secretly influence events in the Moscow Metro, as well as having tight strings on the leaders of the various factions. 

Artyom briefly visits the complex after he demands the location of Bessolov from Sasha. Hidden from the metro, the complex is only accessed by authorised personnel; any guests are blindfolded and knocked out to keep the location a secret. The complex housed various support staff such as doctors, nurses, guards, and waiters. Within the complex there were also several museum exhibits including a wax figure of Stalin and a fully furnished bar and restaurant.