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For the former submarine captain found in Vladivostok, see Eduard Baranov.

The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Tower Pack DLC for Metro Last Light.

The Captain is the protagonist of the Tower Pack DLC for Metro: Last Light and sole player character in this mission. Like the other characters in previous DLC, very little is known about him. He is around 30 years of age.


Because of the Tower Pack's ambiguous place in the timeline, the Captain is either a survivor of Central Metro Command, in the year 2020, who survived in D6 after the war (this was hinted at in the Kshatriya mission), or a captain in the descendants of the Rangers of the Order, 7 years after the Redemption Ending of Metro: Last Light. Either way, his mission, in the in-game real world, is set inside D6.

The Captain has injured his leg in an unspecified way, meaning he cannot partake in any missions the other Rangers have given him. However, an apparent leader of the successors of the Rangers (who may have succeeded Miller, as, after losing his legs, he became the head guard at Polis instead), or the remnants of Metro Command, has found a position for him - assisting the D6 scientists with a secret project.

The Captain quickly finds out that he is a test subject in a new combat simulator, "The Tower", working for two scientists, Chukotski (known as Chook) and his assistant, Anastasi (known as Geek) - they wanted to make sure their simulator is functioning correctly before using it on Ranger Trainees. The simulator itself is a seat surrounded by virtual reality screens, and special goggles (visually similar to Night Vision Goggles) that create a realistic combat simulator against the many enemies found in the Metro.

Fighting through the many levels in "The Tower", the Captain eventually completes the test, earning the respect of Chook and Geek.


  • It's possible that the Captain is a survivor of the Battle for D6, having only occurred 7 years ago. However, this was not where he was injured, as a soldier says how the Captain "took a beating during that mission".
    • It's possible that he might have survived the explosion during the events of C'est La Vie ending.
  • According to the level's opening narration, the Captain's faction is preparing a large operation that they have been planning ever since the war, but he must sit it out due to his injuries.
  • The Captain's exact injuries to his leg are unknown, though he seems to be able to walk normally in the real world - the only combat shown is inside the simulator, and he functions normally here too. However, the simulator may accentuate his skills beyond what he may normally be able to do, possibly 'healing' injuries when he's in it.