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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Caspian-1, also known as Kaspik-1, is a satellite control centre located at the shore of the Caspian Sea that plays a role in Metro Exodus.


This location is first mentioned in the chapter Yamantau. When the Aurora crew finds out that the Ark is populated by cannibals and barely escapes alive, they have to look for a new destination to settle down. Before their escape, Idiot browses through data stored in one of the computer terminals and finds information about Kaspik-1, a satellite command centre which was still operational after the war. Its satellites monitored radiation levels in Russia and Central Asia, so locating it would allow the Aurora's crew to find a radiation-free place, suitable for establishing a colony. Therefore, the crew decides to travel to the Caspian Sea in order to locate Kaspik-1 and retrieve the maps of radiation zones.

This location is visited by Artyom in the Caspian level during one of the story missions. Formerly an underground base with a small dock and compound on the surface, Caspian-1 was devastated by the desertification of the Caspian Sea. After Artyom meets with Giul, a local resistance fighter who is trying to free her enslaved nation from the Munai-bailer, he, Giul, and Damir (who joins the two later) travel to the underground facility which used to be the control centre of the satellites. The facility remained operational several years after the war (at least until 2019, as there are still satellite images from that year stored in its archive) but was later rendered inhabitable, thanks to the area being geologically unstable. Many rooms collapsed and are now filled with sand or debris. Toxic gases also filled the lower section of the bunker after the ventilation system malfunctioned and the power grid was severely damaged, with only few crucial system remaining operational, although they can no longer be powered all at once. There are no human survivors in the bunker by the time Artyom visits it. Instead, the entire underground complex is populated by spiderbugs.

Artyom's goal is to retrieve the satellite images showing radiation levels as areas distinguished by their color. The bunker is fairly linear but there are some dead ends, making it harder to find the right way. Artyom also needs to constantly fight off spiderbugs and some areas require them to wear a gas mask. Damir aids him by powering some systems on when needed (such as lights or doors) and also giving them tips through the intercom. Once Artyom finds the maps, he must return back to the entrance using an elevator which Damir manages to send down. The trio then escapes the bunker's underground section from a horde of spiderbugs which emerges from the sand in the main hallway. Artyom can then take the van which Damir used to travel to the bunker and return to Miller with the maps.

Related Achievements/Trophies[]

ME Achievement Complete Road Map Icon.png Complete Road Map Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 15 Game points.png
Find maps in the laboratory.


  • There is a secret room which can be accessed through one of the doorways, half-buried in sand, located near the archive. This room contains remnants of Giul's mother, who used to work in the satellite centre, holding a photograph of herself and young Giul. Taking the photograph and giving it to Giul grants Artyom a positive moral point. Also, Giul rewards Artyom by giving him a decorated canteen, which he can later give to Nastya.
  • The location was originally supposed to be much more destroyed, with some rooms collapsing entirely into magma found underneath the bunker. However, this was later changed to a more believable look which made it to the final game.