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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

It was one loss after another, And for every one who died helping me save my home station, I felt a needle in my heart.

— Level description

Caves is the transition level between Dungeon and D6. It takes place when Artyom becomes separated from the group of rangers and needs to find an alternate route into D6.


Caves starts with the team moving down a staircase into the sewer system. In the sewers, once again two waves of nosalises attack the group. After getting through this obstacle, they reach a door that is labeled "D6".

Artyom is separated from the group of rangers, after they manage to open the door part way and it slams shut as he crawls through the opening. Artyom makes it to the other side before it crushes him, but the door slams shut and powers down. The Rangers tell Artyom they're currently unable to get it back open. Miller orders Artyom to find a different route back to them.

Immediately after this cutscene, a plated nosalis appears and attacks Artyom. The plated nosalis is the most dangerous of the nosalises, and can take quite a beating before going down.

After jumping down a manhole a few rooms over, Artyom emerges from the sewer systems and into the caves, where another plated nosalis is feeding on a corpse. This one is also particularly dangerous, so it would be best to avoid it. After navigating past or killing the plated nosalis, Artyom leaves the cave and walks towards a lighted room. He goes through a door, and finds himself on a train platform. There, he sees the remaining Rangers. They explain to him that Stepan was killed on the way; possibly due to his emotions taking over, and making him reckless. Unexpectedly and conveniently, an electric train pulls up towards the station. Artyom, Miller, Ulman, and Vladimir board the train as they head to D6.


  • Stepan dies shortly after Artyom gets separated from the squad. Nobody mentions exactly what happened.
  • This is the only place where plated nosalises are faced in the game.
  • A few fresh corpses can be found in the caves, one of which a plated nosalis is feeding on. This means that some adventurers or scavengers have made it as far as the beginning of Metro 2, since some of the bodies lay just before the train car that transports people inside D6. Curiously, they are well-equipped and all have the Kalash 2012.
  • There is a glitch that if Artyom takes off his gas mask, while the gate slams down on him, he will not be able to use his weapons when the cutscene is over. The only way to fix this is to restart the level.
    • Another glitch can happen when Artyom kills the first plated nosalises. The corpse still moves in the floor.
  • The wooden doors can be destroyed by knife or bullets, should Artyom feel like he has to get away quickly after the gate slams down.


  • This is the last level where you encounter nosalises, and is the only level you encounter armor-plated nosalises.
  • In Metro 2033 Redux, the plated nosalises are replaced with spiderbugs.