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Vladimir Metro2033

Vladimir in Metro 2033

The characters of the Metro Universe are the backbone of the novels and books. Both feature a large and diverse cast of individuals, however, only a few are notable and have their own pages. Below is a list of some of the named characters, with links to their pages and brief descriptions as to who they are.

Metro SeriesEdit

Known RangersEdit

  • Artyom - The youngest and newest member, Artyom unofficially became a Ranger when Hunter assigned him his first mission to get to Polis and find Miller. Artyom is the protagonist of both the first book and the two games based on it, as well as being the main character of Metro 2035 and Metro Exodus.
  • Miller - The colonel and leader of the Rangers -
  • Ulman - A higher ranking Ranger, the most frequent Artyom encounters.
  • Hunter - Missing in action - the first Ranger met, Artyom views him as a mentor and is the reason why Artyom started his quest.
  • Pavel - Killed in action on Depot - part of Ulman's two-man group.
  • Boris - Killed in action on Dungeon - Stepan's best friend, driver and conductor of the steam-powered rail car.
  • Stepan - Killed in action on Caves - Boris' best friend, and driver of the Armored Vehicle.
  • Vladimir - The technician of The Rangers, and one of the veteran Rangers.
  • Danila - A lower ranking Ranger who accompanies Artyom and Miller to the Library, but is injured on the way.
  • Krasnov - A Ranger captain stationed at Polis.
  • Anna - A top sniper of the Rangers and daughter of their uncompromising leader Miller - becomes Artyom's wife by the year 2035 (according to the book trilogy canon).

Associated CharactersEdit

  • Alex - Artyom's stepfather, who saved a younger Artyom from a horde of rats.
  • Eugine - A childhood friend of Artyom's who joins in on the journey to Riga.
  • Boris - A resident of Exhibition who helps take the caravan to Riga.
  • Bourbon - Artyom's mentor early on in the game, his teachings remain ubiquitous throughout his journey.
  • Khan - An enigmatic character in both the game and the first novel, he helps Artyom on his way to D-6.
  • Komarov - The captain of the Children of the Underground.
  • Sasha - A little boy who survived the Hole station massacre.

Other Notable Characters of the MetroEdit

  • Nikolay - An Exhibition resident fearful of the Dark Ones.
  • Petr - A soldier of Exhibition blocking the way to Exhibition's infirmary.
  • Kirill - A veteran guard of Exhibition who is present during Hunter's appearance.
  • Pavel - Exhibition's quartermaster.
  • Peter - A notable guard of Exhibition who sends the supply trolley down the other path.
  • Nikki - A prostitute of Riga station.
  • Semyon - A soldier of the Hanza railcar that helps save Artyom and Bourbon in Lost Catacombs.
  • Mikhalych - The second soldier of the Hanza railcar that helps save Artyom and Bourbon.
  • Boss - A frontal guard of Market.
  • Mike - A corrupt Hanza guard that Bourbon bribes.
  • Vitali - A childhood friend of Artyom and Eugine who opens the door to Botanical Gardens.
  • Igor - A chief of security for Market Station.
  • Andrew- The blacksmith of Armory station.
  • Sergey Sergeyevich - A resident of Armory Station and communist recruit.
  • Lev - A communist soldier strongly against suicide.
  • Sasha's Mother - The mother of Sasha.
  • Sergei - The uncle of Sasha who died in the Hole station massacre.
  • Führer - The mysterious leader of the Fourth Reich, he is never seen nor named in the novels.

Metro: Last LightEdit

  • Pavel - A Red Line soldier who forms a temporary alliance with Artyom to escape the Reich.
  • Little Dark One - The focus of Metro: Last Light. Thought to be the last surviving Dark One. He is very intelligent, and wants to be more friendly towards humans (wears clothes, assists Artyom with filters, helps him "see", etc.).
  • Czeslav Korbut - Main antagonist of the game and head of intelligence for the Red Line.
  • Andrew The Blacksmith - A runaway from the Reds; helps smuggle refugees out of the Red Line.
  • Andrey Moskvin - A brother of the current leader of The Red Line.
  • Fedor - A fisherman of Venice who rescues Artyom and transports him to Venice Station.

Metro ExodusEdit

  • Admiral - Lonely and a bit schizophrenic member of The Children of the Forest, more specifically Pioneer
  • Alyosha - The Ranger Order's scout specialist and member of the Aurora's crew.
  • Stepan - Returning from Metro 2035, Stepan is one of the few survivors from the Battle for D6. He joins the protagonist's team on the Aurora armored train.
  • Duke - A scout of the Ranger Order and survivor of the Battle for D6 like Stepan, he is one of the youngest on the Aurora.
  • Tokarev - The weapons expert of the armored train's crew, responsible for creating many of the Order's weapons and modifications
  • Yermak - Helmsman of the Aurora as well as the driving force behind all of its mechanisms, he used to work as personnel in the Moscow Metro before the war.
  • Idiot - One of the smartest men aboard the train, he is considered its resident philosopher.
  • Damir - Kazakhstani-born medic of the Rangers, a rarity among the primarily Slavic makeup of the faction.
  • Sam - A former United States Embassy guard stationed in Moscow, now a Ranger in the Order.

Universe of Metro 2033Edit

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