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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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I worried that my home, Exhibition, would share the fate of Hole Station. But within that nightmare, I met a young survivor, who was very brave, and very talkative.

— Level description

Child is a short length level, in which Artyom comes across Sasha, a young boy whose uncle was taking him to meet up with the survivors of Hole Station. In Metro 2033 Redux it is merged with the previous level Defense.


Artyom will have to carry Sasha on his back while navigating through lurker infested areas. This can prove difficult in some situations, as Sasha will make it more difficult for the player to focus their view on enemies due to his weight., therefore it will be harder to aim. While Artyom can't sprint, and his weapon "floats" longer, Sasha is a moderately valuable asset because he frequently alerts the player as to when lurkers are approaching. Once Artyom makes it to the end of the level they can receive a reward: either a bundle of military-grade bullets or a moral point.

The player can then prepare at the makeshift market before heading outside for the trip towards the radio tower and Black Station. Filters are not available from here so players are advised to keep an eye out for them on the surface in the next mission, Outpost.


  • In the book, a similar situation is encountered by Artyom at Kievskaya, where a resident's son, here called Oleg, is kidnapped by the Great Worm Children. Artyom attempts to rescue Oleg and is captured, only finally being freed by Melnik and his Stalkers. Oleg then joins the party, only to be consumed later by the creature of the Kremlin.
  • At the end of the level when a man is telling Artyom about Nazi soldiers on the surface, he tells Artyom "Good luck to you, ranger", as Artyom is mistaken for a ranger due to his good nature. At that time, Artyom isn't a ranger yet.
  • Sasha references the Great Worm Children, saying that his mother told him: "If Children go too far into the tunnels, the mutants will catch them and eat their brains, then they'll become mutants too!" This could be referring to how the Great Worm Children kidnapped and hypnotized young children.
  • Sasha mentions certain lockers ("the ones with the numbers") that contain ammunition. However, there are no lockers in the game that would have a number on it. This is possibly a feature that was removed from the game, but a script still contains it.
    • This oversight was rectified in Metro 2033 Redux, as Sasha no longer mentions the lockers with numbers on them.
  • After Sasha climbs on Artyom's back, you may notice that Artyom's shadow also has Sasha holding onto him if you look closely. This can only be found in Metro 2033 Redux and not the original game.
    • However even after Sasha reunites with his mother, Sasha's shadow will still be seen holding on to Artyom's back for the rest of the game, this is likely an oversight by the developers.
  • After returning Sasha to his mother, it is possible to backtrack and loot additional weapons to sell to the merchants. Even on the Redux version, you can only go as far back as to where you found Sasha as the door locks behind you. Your ability to backtrack is further cutoff if you decided to blow up the ceiling of the tunnel.