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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

Cinephile is an achievement/trophy in Sam's Story, a DLC for Metro Exodus.


This achievement can be obtained by finding a documentary about San Diego in the bandit-infested cinema and then putting it inside the projector.

The tape for the documentary can be found on the second floor of the cinema, in the first room of the left wing of the building, amongst a shelf of other projector tapes.


  • Even though the documentary is about San Diego (and Vladivostok), the footage shows the Golden Gate Bridge, which is in San Francisco.
    • The Golden Gate Bridge is once again erroneously associated with San Diego in both of the endings. If Sam doesn't blow up the sub, Tom actually takes him to San Francisco instead of San Diego, as the sub passes under the Golden Gate. If Sam does blow up the sub, a brief shot of the Golden Gate can be seen, before it fades into a view of the Zolotoy Bridge in Vladivostok.