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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Complete Road Map is an achievement in Metro Exodus that can be obtained in The Caspian level.


After meeting Giul at the lighthouse, she accompanies Artyom into an underground complex, which serves as a command center of Kaspik-1 satellite array. Artyom's task is to find satellite maps showing levels of radioactivity in Russia and Central Asia, so that the Aurora crew can find a place to settle down. The achievement is obtained after finding the maps in the underground base. The complex is fairly linear, so this task should not cause the player any problems, it just takes a bit of time because the player has to fight their way through lots of spiderbugs and deal with malfunctioning doors and, in some parts of the base, unbreathable air.


  • This achievement is also named as "All road map".