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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

All the roads lead to Oktyabrskaya. The Dark One is there. Anna is there now, too. In the hands of my enemies. The hands of the traitor, Lesnitsky.

— Level description

Contagion is the twentieth level in Metro: Last Light where Artyom must navigate through the burning ruins of Oktyabrskaya in order to save Anna.


In this level Artyom must navigate the burning ruins of the Oktyabrskaya station.

Diary Entries[]

26. After the Red Line soldiers start burning everything, you will come to an area where you have to head up to the second floor so you can drop down behind a locked gate. The note is at the end of the train car on the desk.

Moral Points[]


  • Completing the level without killing anyone (you will receive the moral point upon entering the red door leading to Lesnitsky)
  • Deal with the two Red Line soldiers executing citizens at the beginning, before the shot man dies.
  • Listen to the shot man's explanation and confusion over the Red's attack.
  • (Nets 1 instead of 2 Gain) Let the Red Line soldiers execute the civilians, but listen to their discussion afterward.
  • In the room to the left of the railcar where the enemy loading boxes is coming and going, there is a hole in the back wall that leads to an abandoned tunnel. The hole is partially blocked but you can move left and out into the tunnel. Head straight across from the hole to the green light on the opposite wall and turn right, at the water line is an ammo cache. Open it.
  • Listen and watch the full execution of the wounded Red soldier who contracted the "disease."
  • Get 14 MGRs from the MGR stashes in the station. There are 6 MGR stashes lying around with total of 18 MGRs, but only 14 MGRs are needed for the moral point. The first stash is in the docked pink railcar where a soldier loading boxes is coming and going (3 MGRs), the rests of MGR stashes are in the next area where a gas mask is required. The second one is in the room with a lit desk lamp on the second floor of living quarters (2 MGRs). The third one is in underground passage with glowing radioactive substances below the living quarters (3 MGRs). The fourth one is on the floor near a guitar in the center market stall structure with torches (2 MGRs). The fifth one is on the second floor above the market stall area (4 MGRs). The last one is in the room with sewing machine on the second floor of train compartments (4 MGRs).
  • After hearing Lesnitsky speaking with another soldier and going through the shaft, you will be in a room where some plants are growing. Go up the stairs, and there will be a Red Line officer going over dead citizens of the station. Listen to what he says to gain a moral point.
  • Remove your mask when Lesnitsky has his knife at Anna's throat, before he counts to five. Make sure you wear a gas mask before opening the door or you won't get a moral point at all.


  • Attacking Lesnitsky, when he has his knife at Anna's throat.


  • There is a locked safe upstairs toward the end of the level where the last two Reds are behind a locked gate. The corresponding key can be found in the lower level, on a shelf in a small room adjacent to the iron gate. The safe contains a filter and some regular ammunition.


  • There is a wooden door in the train compartments area where a red soldier is having a hard time to open it. If you knock/kill the soldier before he managed to open the door, Artyom somehow can open the door effortlessly.
  • If you enter the final area where Lesnitsky is holding Anna as hostage without wearing a gas mask, Lesnitsky's dialogue will play out differently, although the ending is still the same, he will throw Anna to you and run away. However, you won't get a moral point at all.


  • This is one of the level where you can find a glitch of unlimited gas mask filter. When you enter area that requires a gas mask (marked by a blue door with gas lamp hanging above) without wearing a gas mask, you can press the filter changing key to stop the suffocating. You can do this everytime the suffocating happens and it doesn't consume filters at all. See the Metro Last Light's bugs section for more details.
  • There is a wooden door in the train compartments area where a red soldier is having a hard time to open it, he eventually will open the door if you don't interrupt him. When a save checkpoint is triggered and if you reload the checkpoint, the door will appear to be closed again but you can glitch through the door.


MLL Savior Ach.jpg Savior Silver Trophy - 20 Game points.png
Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it