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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The Cruiser is an armoured train that appears in the first level of Metro Exodus. It's operated by the Hanza surface group led by Taubman.


The Cruiser resembles the Red Line Armoured Train from Metro: Last Light. However, this time, it is clearly powered by a steam engine (the Red Line version did not have a visible chimney and a steam engine would be very impractical underground, so it was most likely powered by a combustion or electric engine) and is also longer, as apart from the locomotive it has four additional carriages. Some carriages have opening side panels which allow the crew to fire from inside the train with their personal weapons, or with two mounted DShK machine guns. The train also has two machine gun turrets on the top. Its rear carriage has an open section in the back, which allows the train to carry smaller vehicles (a railcar which resembles a stripped-down Regina can be seen in the compartment) or other large objects. The train carries a full regiment of soldiers and a lot of weapons and ammo, some of which is probably contraband captured by the Cruiser's crew during its patrols.

Hanza uses the Cruiser to pursue the Aurora, after the locomotive is stolen by Artyom, Anna, and the rest of Miller's Rangers. The crew threatens to fire upon Aurora if they do not stop the locomotive. The Rangers start slowing down to buy themselves more time, pretending to have malfunctioning brakes. In the meantime, Artyom jumps onto the Cruiser and sneaks or fights his way through the train until he reaches the boiler of the locomotive. He plants an explosive there and jumps back onto the Aurora. He then uses a remote detonator to destroy the Cruiser.