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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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Turgenevskaya (Russian: Тургеневская), or Cursed Station, is a location in the post-apocalyptic Moscow Metro, seen only in the video game Metro 2033 and the browser game of the same name.


Cursed Station, like many others has a very typical true-to-life layout. A main passageway running the length of the station, with many smaller off-shoots leading to the platforms. The station is very close to the surface as the sky can be seen at the top of the elevators.

The name of the station is no accident. When Artyom and Khan reach the station, the remaining few survivors live in fear of the impending doom that is the seemingly never ending horde of nosalises. Makeshift shelters are seen on the flights of escalators, as a last line of defense comprised of sandbags, machineguns, and the last few soldiers stand valiantly at the bottom of the escalators.

At the far end of the platform is a concrete wall, with a hole made in it. The ventilation room behind the wall acts as a shrine to the dead. Halfway down the main passage, two staircases go upwards towards another set of escalators, this time heading down to another part of the station. This area acts as an airlock, and is inaccessible to Artyom. Both platforms are blocked off at both ends, although on one side nosalises have dug through and are entering the station.

Notable Residents[]


  • Comparing the timeline with Khan between the book and the game, Cursed Station is Turgenevskaya on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line. Artyom follows the same route from VDNKh to Turgenevskaya (or from Exhibition to Cursed) on the book than the game.
    • In the Russian version of the audio files, Khan mentions the station as "Turgenevskaya", not "Cursed". The name "Cursed" is this station's nickname, which was given after the Great War of 2013.
  • On Exhibition, in the big room where the Riga representative gives a speech, a man can be heard telling other that he prefers to patrol with the smallest company as possible except when patrolling the tunnel between Dry and Cursed, implying the stretch is exceptionally dangerous.