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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

This is what life's supposed to be…

— Damir

Damir (Cyrillic: Дамир) is a character who first appears in Metro Exodus. Born in Kazakhstan before the war, he is the Spartan Order's medic who joins Artyom's crew aboard the Aurora armoured train.


As he was born in Kazakhstan, Damir is one of the few members of the Rangers who aren't ethnically Slavic (though he is half-Russian) - as such, he has always felt like an outsider. Nevertheless, he remains loyal to Miller and Artyom's group to the very end.

Being the medic of the crew he is empathetic and cares deeply for all aboard the Aurora, making sure that everyone receives the medical attention required.

Despite his significant skill as a Spartan, Damir's lore page states that he is very modest and downplays his accomplishments as just happening out of the blue, instead of due to his accumulated skill.

Since the journey of the train takes the team eastward across Russia and into Kazakhstan, Damir clings onto the hope of meeting his relatives.

Metro Exodus[]

Damir is first seen when he saves Artyom from a pack of watchers alongside Duke. He and Duke then carry Artyom to the sickbay. He joins Miller and the other Rangers in escaping Moscow.

Damir is one of the few rangers that doesn't become incapacitated in the Caspian Desert. As such, he often accompanies Artyom on critical missions. Seeing his homeland in such a sorry state has a profound impact on Damir, as he becomes torn between helping his people and loyalty to the Order. After the Baron is killed, Damir's decision depends on Artyom's treatment of slaves. If Artyom avoided killing the slaves and saved them all, Damir will join him and return to the Aurora. If Artyom killed the slaves like their masters or didn't save all the slaves, however, Damir will decide to stay with Giul to help free his people.


  • Although he is one of the few important non-Slavic characters in the Metro game series, Damir's name is actually quite popular among South Slavic tongues - it can be roughly understood as "one who gives (or takes) peace". In the Turkic languages there is also the name "Demir", which means: metal, iron or steel.