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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

Dead City 2 is a short continuation of Dead City 1. At about a third through the level, Artyom is reunited with Bourbon and together they proceed to Dry Station.


Dead City 2 is a very small level, it consists only of the last Dead City 1 office building basement and an adjacent courtyard.

Following a reunion with Bourbon, the pair crosses the last leg to Dry Station. As they approach they are blocked by both a Demon and a pack of watchers. The pack can summon other members in addition to the scripted ones. If not taken out quickly by the player, the impending fight might escalate into a literal bloodbath and become very hard to win. As such it's not recommended to hoard ammunition for later. Pending their success in repelling the watchers, Artyom and Bourbon flee the horde and make entry into Dry Station.

Related Achievements[]

Ach-Ranger.jpg Ranger (Achievement) 30 Game points.png
Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2.


  • There are two demons that can be seen towards the end. One in the street, and one is on a building observing the battle. If the player manages to kill the first demon, then the other one will take its place.
  • Probably due to an AI coding oversight, Bourbon aims much higher than he should, resulting in his uselessness in the fight with the pack of Watchers.
    • Compare this fight with the similar one at the end of the "Anomaly" level. Khan is absolutely devastating and is capable of taking the whole horde of nosalises out all by himself.
    • It's possible for Bourbon to die here, so do your best to keep this from happening.
  • Several buildings have open windows and doors leading to apartments blocked by slabs of concrete. The level might have been intended to be much bigger.
  • Both the lack of an introductory narrative and its name hint that "Dead City 1" and "Dead City 2" seem to have been one single level originally, which was unevenly split in two at some point of development. This may have been done for loading purposes. In Redux, both "Dead City" levels are merged together.