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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

I was alone again... and soon I would look into the eyes of fear - literally.

— Level description

Depository is a fairly short but difficult level that takes place in the Moscow Library.


The level takes place in the innards of the library. There are several small and winding corridors, and in between five to six librarians. This level is not airtight - in other words the player is required to use a gas mask to survive. Try not the let the enemy crack the gas mask; replacements are available but fairly uncommon. Also watch the filter time; it's recommended that you still have 5 minutes of filter time or more. Of note, one librarian sets a trap with some shotgun shells in a hole in the wall in the bathrooms. After grabbing the shells, a quick-time event occurs and Artyom is smashed against the wall as the Librarian tries to pull him through, but releases him eventually. After venturing deeper into the library and going up a floor, Artyom will find several burned-out, empty rooms with various holes leading to the floor below. Two Librarians will jump up through the holes and attack Artyom. If the player is fast enough, they can get through the small hole in the wall to the next area.

In the next room, Artyom discovers the elevator to the lower floors, but is ambushed by a librarian who knocks him into the elevator; as soon as that happens, a demon crashes through the window and confronts the librarian. Another librarian joins the brawl, from above the elevator, which then buckles under its weight and drops straight down into the depths of the library. Once Artyom gets up after the crash, he is immediately attacked by a black librarian. After the black librarian is disposed of or leaves, Artyom must converge deeper into the archives.


  • A rare glitch occurs in the Xbox version of the game where the level doesn't load properly and causes the sky to turn a mixture of red and green colors.
  • An even rarer glitch on Xbox and PC occurs in the burnt-out rooms: a librarian can push you out of the map onto the floor above, where you can see 2 to 3 librarians and the demon used in the cutscene. They cannot be killed.