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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light Redux video game.

Derailed is an achievement/trophy in Metro Last Light and Metro Last Light Redux.


This achievement is awarded for killing all enemies durung the Revolution level. They can be killed them any way, but they must be dead, not knocked out. There are more enemies in the dead end tunnel with railcars in it, and even more come as reinforcements when the first groups are dead. This should be unlocked after killing the last enemy who leaves the airlock.

The achievement description is "kill all armed enemies ...", but the pair of unarmed workers in the first large room must be killed to obtain the award. Executing them will inflict Moral Point losses.

Metro: Last Light Redux[]

There are two unarmed workers next to the train in the second area. They do not have to be killed to unlock this achievement. One worker wears a red helmet, while another worker does not. Another man wearing a red helmet is armed, so be careful. There are reinforcements in the next room at the third area (once) and the fourth area (twice). Artyom must be caught in this area three times to call reinforcements. A stealthy strategy will not unlock this achievement.

In the last area, where there's the mounted gun, you need the guy not in the gun to start shooting at you first before you kill him. Kill the guy in the mounted gun first, and then once the other guy is shooting at you, kill him too. Many people have reported that shooting the guy before he starts shooting at you will prevent the achievement from popping.

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