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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Diary Page 3 is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


Yamantau: After fighting your way down a long hallway, you will come upon some boxes which you will have to climb over. Instead of taking the ramp, climb on the box to your right. You will see a makeshift bedroom on the other side. The page will be on a crate next to the bed.


Fucking let them in! Fuck the radiation! It's been over a year! They are outsiders. Don't even need a share! Let them draw lots, or whatever, the point is we'll have food for months now.

Hurt.. all over... Fever, thoughts tngling. Doc sad shit bout some privons or smth The outsiders had them, the fucks! Should have rosated them fucks betta. To late now. Fuck.

M mmm MMa ma me mme me mmmeeeeat