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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2035 novel.

Dmitry, also known as Dietmar, is a Fourth Reich unteroffizier and secondary antagonist in the novel Metro 2035. He is sent to recruit Artyom and his friends into the Iron Legion.


Dietmar is a high-ranking Fourth Reich officer who is in charge of recruiting men into the Iron Legion, among other things. He is one of the few Reich officers that approves of the Führer's recent changes of the Reich's racial policy, and claims it's foolish to persecute people just because they are minorities. Whether or not he truly believes this, or simply agrees due to pragmatism is unknown. He is, however, fully supportive of his government's ongoing genocide of genetically damaged individuals, or "freaks" as they are referred to in the Reich. Despite his outwardly friendly demeanor, Dietmar is a ruthless and calculating individual, with no qualms about breaking his word if it suits him. He's also ambitious, and is the apparently sole instigator of the Reich-Red Line war, with the Führer having no knowledge of the Reich's occupation of Teatralnaya.

Metro 2035[]

Dietmar is first seen at Tsvetnoy Bulvar, recruiting men into the Iron Legion. He attempts to recruit Artyom as well, but is initially rebuffed. However, due to Artyom having lost his passport, he is forced to accept Dietmar's offer and travel to the Reich with Homer and Lyokha, who willingly signed up. Upon passing inspection, Dietmar takes Artyom and Homer on a tour of the Reich. After having tea with them and Ilya Stepanovich, Dietmar drops the façade and forces Artyom to preform a dangerous mission which would see him travel to Teatralnaya via the surface and place a mine that would collapse the transfer tunnel to the Red Line. With Dietmar threatening to kill Homer otherwise, Artyom accepts the mission. Unbeknownst to Dietmar, Artyom places the mine in the incorrect location, thus failing to collapse the passage.

Dietmar later meets Artyom, along with three other Order members on the Reich border, and initially refuses to let them in so they can deliver a message for the Führer. He pauses when Artyom blurts out Bessolov's name, but only agrees to allow Artyom inside. Artyom demands to see Homer first, so Dietmar takes him to a quarry that used to be Pushkin Station, where Homer was forced into labour. He then forcefully takes the letter from Artyom, before imprisoning him at Pushkinskaya as well. Artyom fully expects Dietmar to return when he finds out the passage had not been destroyed and execute him. He eventually learns from Ilya Stepanovich that Dietmar was killed in the Red Line counterattack on Teatralnaya.


  • Dietmar is one of the few Nazis who doesn't agree with the Reich's policies against non-Russians as he sharply criticizes their racial policies, saying to Artyom that "it's not up to you to decide who's a freak and who's isn't" and that "it's stupid to persecute people because they're Armenians or Jews". However, he does agree with the Reich's policies against genetic deformity, mutants, and Communists.
  • Perhaps Dietmar has been criticizing the policies for a while, and the fact that he does not mind marriage between Russians and non-Russians makes him similar to historical Russian fascists such as Anastasy Vonsiatsky or Konstantin Rodzaevsky.
  • Despite his serious and sadistic traits, Dietmar is polite and friendly to Artyom, even when he is pointing a gun at him or sending him to a concentration camp before knocking him down with his Stechkin.