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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

 Sparta has other uses. Please see Sparta (Disambiguation) for other meanings. 

I had found the D6 documents, but Miller had not yet returned. Without his help, I wasn't certain I could get out of the Library alive - but everything depended on it.

— Level description

Driving to Sparta is a friendly level that has no enemies.


A first-person cutscene from Metro 2033 Redux

The level mostly consists of a cutscene which starts with Artyom making his way outside the library. Just as Artyom is climbing out to the surface, a large librarian jumps over him and prepares to attack. Luckily for Artyom, the librarian is hit and killed by an oncoming Ranger truck. Miller and Ulman emerge from the truck to converse with Artyom about the D6 documents. They eventually decide to regroup at Sparta base where they can rest and prepare for their upcoming assault.

Once at the base, control over Artyom is returned to the player. In Sparta, the player can listen in on a few Rangers' conversations and take whatever weapons they would like from Vladimir's large collection, which includes a Volt Driver and a Heavy Automatic Shotgun for players who have the DLC. Once ready, Artyom will go upstairs to meet Khan and Miller. Speaking with Khan will allow him to share some inspirational words of wisdom (and the moral point they bring) and speaking with Miller about plans for action will end the level.


  • Because of the level's name, many people think that this level just involves the beginning cutscene, but in fact it consists of everything up until "Dark Star".
  • Miller can be seen with a Lolife on his side (Redux only).
  • Despite the level taking place on the surface, the player doesn't need a gas mask.
  • If Artyom completes the previous level without a gas mask on, he will not be wearing one during the opening cutscene, yet will have no problem breathing. Additionally, completing the previous level with zero filter time remaining still doesn't change the cutscene in any way.