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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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Dry Station (Russian: Сухаревская, Sukharevskaya) is a heavily defended bandit station appearing in the video game Metro 2033.


Dry station is a metro station in the post-apocalyptic Moscow wasteland that has been fortified into a bandit base. It is seen in the level "Dry", and mentioned in "Dead City", "Market", and "Riga". Artyom and Bourbon make their way through the Moscow wasteland to get to the ventilation shaft leading into Dry.

The layout of the station is of a typical modern day Moscow station; a long middle passage, with many offshoots leading towards the platforms. About half way through the station is a wood and scrap metal barricade separating the station in two. On the one half is primarily the recreational area along with sleeping quarters, toilets (which a man can be seen running into if the player is stealthy), a rat-race (used for gambling, shooting targets), and target ranges with some arrows on it.

In the novel Metro 2033[]

Dry station occupies the place where Sukharevskaya station is in the novel. The station in the novel holds very few similarities with this place. This is where Khan meets Artyom, and then escorts him and Ace to the next station.


  • In English version, this station and the level that is played there are called 'Dry', possibly due to the fact that 'sukh' is the Slavic word root meaning 'dry' (Polish: suchy, Russian: сух), but the feminine version of 'dry' is 'sukhaya' (in Russian, like in the other Slavonic tongues, 'station' is a feminine noun). The station was named after the Sukharev's Towers erected nearby that was in turn named after Lavrientiy Sukharev, a 17th century military commander. Thus, proper translation of the name would be 'Sukharev Station'.