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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Dusty Notebook is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Dead City: Once you're outside, you will come to a point where you will have to drop into a tunnel. Instead of going right, go left to the end of the tunnel. The notebook should be there on a half-burred corpse.


Should have gone down to the metro right away... Even if there were no traffic jams or snow, we could have maybe driven a hundred klicks out of town, and what difference would that have made? The cloud would still get us...

Those civs, though... They were told to get down in the metro! But no, everyone and his mom has to jump into the car and floor it! The dumb biker that went straight under our tread - where was he going anyway, through all that snow? Under the next truck, apparently, had he not hit us first... And those assholes started crying murder and knocking on the armor with sticks...

Vitali shot a short burst of coax above their heads - and they all just flew, leaving the cars and shit... Not like they were going anywhere with all the roads jammed. We tried pushing, but with the road packed for al far as the eye could see... besides, with all the ice in the road the tracks just skid. Tried picking up some speed first, but crashed through that underground crossing...

We popped the hatches to look around, try getting ourselves out... and then the dust hit us. Vitali tried the counter, but it was off the scales on all settings... A shot from behind. We turned and saw that it was Mikhail. He knew what was coming... In the morning he said we'd be better off shooting if we get hit with this shit.

Well, it was his choice, and Vitali and I decided we were going to have a smoke first... This seems to be turning out OK, in fact - there's nothing to hope for, so we can have that smoke in peace. Had we been buttoned up or, worse, gotten down to that metro, we'd probably waste a lot of time for no good reason. Why would we ever want to go through the motions?

Feeling queasy already... Time for that smoke, I guess...