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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

The Dusty Workbook is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Volga: A little south of the Church, there is an area with a couple of freight containers that is also a watchmen nest. You will be able to enter one of the containers. The note is on the desk. There is also an upgrade inside the same container.


Sep. 18

Finally! I managed to get those spores from the polluted zone... The month I spent improving the filter was worth it. The substrate is ready, time to start planting...

Oct. 11

Mycelium is growing well, I'll be getting the first mushrooms soon. The distiller is almost finished, can't waste any time.

Nov. 9

The first batch is ready, I've seeded the test media.

Control media show normal bacterial colony growth, test samples are clear.

Nov. 15

Test samples still clear... Success?

Dec. 20

All rats are alive. Enough delays, time to move on to actual test. Pneumonia seems too risky, angina will have to do.

Dec. 23

Classic angina symptoms. 5 cC P.O. There are no syringes to be found anywhere anyways.

Dec. 24

No changes

Dec. 25

Noticeable improvement.

Dec. 27

High spirits, gen. cond. imp.

Dec. 29

Angina sympt. eliminated.

High spirits, light sensitivity.

Knocking noise outside.

Jan. 1

Dosage: 6 cC P.O.

Perfect health, no side effects, amazing clarity of thought and perception!

Jan. 9

Thoughts clear, perfect health, imitating knocking noises outside. Need better rectification, remove impurities, increase act. agent cont.

Feb. 2

New batch done, triple rectification.

Dosage: 7 cC P.O., Perfect state of health! No extraneous noises! An influx of vigor, perfect muscle tone! I feel like flying! Too many ideas to record! This is the discovery of the century!


Knocking outside, roof, walls, floor - brings me down.


Inc. dosage to 8 cC P.O. Better, Feet warm, hands enormous, gnarly.


I'm back in conscience... Tremor. Shivering. Vomiting.


Knocking again, the room swims

Inc. dosage to 8 cC P.O., 3 t.i.d.


They have arrived... They are waiting!


This is the smile!