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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Exodus Electrical Equipment.png

Electrical equipment is an upgradable part of Artyom's gear in Metro Exodus.


Electrical equipment usable in the game consists of several gadgets:

  • Universal Charger is a valuable tool which can be used to charge small electric devices using a hand-cranked dynamo motor.
  • Set of conductors for connecting the Universal charger to various devices other than other parts of Artyom's gear, such as fuse boxes, in order to provide a small amount of charge. This can be useful for opening electrically-powered doors etc.
  • Flashlight - a helmet-mounted device for illuminating dark areas. Can be charged with the Universal charger. The higher the charge, the brighter the light it produces.
  • Night Vision Goggles aren't a default part of electrical equipment, but can become one if found in the in-game world. They help the player to see in the dark without revealing their position by turning on their flashlight or using a lighter. Same as other gadgets, they can be recharged with the Universal charger. If they run out of power, they stop working completely until recharged.


Various parts of electrical equipment can be upgraded at a workbench after finding the respective upgrades. These upgrades can be found in the table below.

List of upgrades
Icon Name Function Description
Electrical Default.png Electrical Equipment None (default) A set of tools vitally important in the Metro. The flashlight illuminates your path, while its battery, should it run dry (or a plethora of other electric devices) can be easily charged with the aid of the compact Charger.
Electrical Bright Flashlight.png Extra Bright Flashlight Flashlight provides stronger light but runs out of power more quickly The incandescent bulb is replaces with an arc discharge metal halide one, the main advantage being a powerful beam of light produced, with increased power consumption being the main drawback of this upgrade.
Electrical Battery Controller.png Battery Charge Controller Batteries last longer An electronic circuit designed to manage the battery charge process, improving its efficiency and making the batteries last longer.
Electrical NVD Amplifier.png NVD Amplifier Enhances the picture seen through NV Goggles This night vision system combines two technologies - heat vision and visible light amplification. Such systems were only available to special forces before the War.

Location of upgrades[]

  • Extra Bright Flashlight: Found in "The Caspian", on a small boat wreckage to the west of the cave entrance under the lighthouse, near the geysers in the open field.
  • Battery Charge Controller: On the island with two non-hostile cultists in "The Volga". The player has to turn on the generator and find their way into the half-collapsed building to get this upgrade.
  • NVD Amplifier: Found in "The Caspian", at the control tower of the abandoned helicopter base.


  • When upgrading electrical equipment at a workbench, a hand-held flashlight can be seen being part of the equipment. However, Artyom never uses a hand-held flashlight, as his flashlight is much smaller and attached to his helmet, so that he can use both hands to hold and aim his weapon.