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2033 Render Gas Mask
Equipment is the term used for various secondary tools at the disposal of the player throughout Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and Metro Exodus.


Artyom can use various consumables, tools and gadgets to aid him in combat and survival. Most pieces of equipment aren't directly used to combat enemies, but to increase the chances of their user's survival by protecting them from attacks or environmental hazards, helping them to orientate better or allowing them to sneak past enemies undetected. Many pieces of equipment are available right from the start of the game, some have to be found or are given to the player by friendly characters and some can be bought in stores. In Metro Exodus, certain consumables can also be crafted and several pieces of equipment can be upgraded at a workbench.

Most pieces of equipment can be found in all three games (sometimes with minor differences between each of the iterations), but some are unique to one specific game. This mostly includes armor variations and some new tools that appear in Metro Exodus, such as Binoculars.

List of EquipmentEdit

Equipment found in all three gamesEdit

List of equipment available in all three Metro games
Image Name Function Value (MGR)
ME Render Filters Filters Required for proper function of player's gas mask.
Deplete while in a hazardous area. In Metro Exodus, they can be crafted, costing 10 Materials and 30 Chemicals each.
10 MGR (Normal)
7 MGR (Ranger)
Arty Flashlight Illuminates dark areas. Consumes power when switched on. The shine it produces fades as the battery runs low. Can be recharged using the Universal Charger. N/A
2033 Render Gas Mask Gas Mask Protects the player in a hazardous environment filled with radiation and/or poisonous gas. Requires Filters to function properly. Can be damaged by attacks, decreasing filter effectiveness. Damaged masks can be replaced by new ones found on corpses. N/A
(Can be looted from corpses)
Exodus Geiger Counter Geiger Counter Alerts the player by a ticking sound when the level of radiation in the area is dangerously high. N/A
2033 Render Lighter Lighter Can be used as a light source even when flaslight's battery is depleted. Allows the player to view their list of objectives. In Last Light and Exodus, can also be used to burn cobwebs, which otherwise slow the player down. N/A
Medkit isometric M2033 Medkit Fully replenishes player's health. In Metro Exodus, they can be crafted, costing 5 Materials and 20 Chemicals each. 10 MGR (Normal)
8 MGR (Ranger)
Artyom watch MLL Metro-Made Watch Allows the player to see the remaining durability of their gas mask filter. Contains a detection sensor which changes color depending on how visible the player is. N/A
ME Render NV Goggles Night Vision Goggles Allow the player to see in complete darkness. Require power and stop working entirely when they run out of power. Can be recharged using the Universal Charger. N/A
(Have to be found)
Universal Charger Render Universal Charger Allows the player to recharge their flashlight and NV goggles using a hand-cranked dynamo. N/A
(Acquired in the first mission)

Game-specific EquipmentEdit

Equipment found only in Metro 2033
Image Name Function Value (MGR)
Heavy armor1 Heavy Armor Increases player's protection, allowing them to take more damage before dying, but also makes them noisier and thus easier to spot by enemies. 100 MGR
Stealth armor1 Stealth Armor Decreases player's visibility, making it easier to sneak around enemies unnoticed. Comes equipped with NV goggles by default. 100 MGR
Equipment found only in Metro Last Light and its DLCs
Image Name Function Value (MGR)
MLL hazard suit Hazard Suit Given to Artyom during the campaign and allowing him to swim through irradiated water. Also featured in Faction Pack level Kshatriya, where it allows the player to cross highly irradiated surface areas without taking damage. 200 MGR (Kshatriya)
MLL heavy suit Heavy Suit Featured in the last mission of the game, where it helps Artyom to survive in the intense firefight in D6. Also featured in Faction Pack level Kshatriya, where it also allows the player to take more damage before dying, albeit offering no radiation protection. 225 MGR (Kshatriya)

Also note that in the level Kshatriya, filters are more expensive than usual, costing 20 MGRs for the first filter, increasing by 5 after subsequent purchases during the same visit.

Equipment found only in Metro Exodus
Image Name Function Value (MGR)
ME Render Radioprotector Radioprotector Featured in the last level of the game. Allows the player to survive otherwise lethal doses of radiation for a short period of time. Applied automatically in the second half of the level during a cutscene. Also featured in The Two Colonels. N/A
(Obtained in The Dead City)
ArtyomBracerFront Artyom's Bracer By default, it holds Artyom's watches and a Geiger counter. More gadgets can be added through upgrades, these being a metal detector, a compass or a motion scanner. N/A
20190519002607 1 Artyom's Map Allows the player to view a map of the area and also features a compass and a list of objectives. Various locations can be marked on the map using binoculars. N/A
(Received in The Volga)
ME Render Backpack Backpack Allows the player to modify their weapons in the field and also to craft Medkits, Filters, non-combustible ammunition, Decoys and Throwing Knives. Can also be used to check the amount of ammo, items and crafting resources the player has in their inventory. N/A
(Received in The Volga)
BinocularsMetroExodus Binoculars Allows the player to scout an area and mark interesting locations on their map. N/A
(Received in The Volga)
Exodus Electrical Equipment Electrical Equipment An upgradable part of Artyom's gear which includes modifications for the player's flashlight, NV goggles and Universal Charger. N/A

Other pieces of equipment featured in all games, but classified differently, include various throwables and explosives, such as Grenades, Claymore mines, Throwing Knives or Decoys, different kinds of ammunition, including Military Grade Rounds which are used as currency in the first two games. Weapons can also be customized with various attachments.

There are also various mechanisms that the player can not carry or use, but that can be triggered by them, these include Alarm Systems, Traps and various levers, fuse boxes etc. Metro Exodus also features workbenches, which are places where the player can craft and customize their gear to a greater degree than when using their backpack, and beds where the player can sleep to skip time and heal if injured.

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